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Several Methods of Factoring

--A polynomial is factored completely when it is
expressed as the product of a monomial and one or
more prime polynomials .
Guidelines for Factoring Completely

1) Factor out the greatest monomial factor first.
2) Look for a difference of squares .
3) Look for a perfect square trinomial .
4) If a trinomial is not a square , look for a pair of binomial
5) If a polynomial has four or more terms , look for a way to
group the terms in pairs.
6) Make sure that you check that each binomial or trinomial
factor is a prime.
7) Check your work by multiplying the factors .
Factored Completely Guidelines for Factoring Completely
Guidelines for Factoring Completely Flow Chart Style

Factor out the greatest monomial factor
Example 1: Factor completely:

Factoring Flow Chart Example 1
Example 2: Factor completely:

Example 3: Factor completely:

Example 2 Example 3
Example 4: Factor completely:


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