Most recently answered word problems

Posted On May 10, 2022
A shipping container will be used to transport several 80-kilogram crates across the country by rail. The greatest[..]
Posted On Apr 21, 2022
A plumber charges $85 for service calls plus $23 per hour of labor. Write and solve an equation to determine how[..]
Posted On Apr 18, 2022
If the morality rate among 35-year-old males is 0.34%, what is the expected number of deaths per year among a[..]
Posted On Apr 16, 2022
If each dust particle has a mass of 7.67×10−10 grams, what is the total mass of 87 billion dust particles?
Posted On Apr 6, 2022
Your company obtains score 115 out of 135 on company satisfaction survey what was the percentage score
Posted On Mar 26, 2022
Sheila is 1/2 as old as her sister now. In three years, the sum of their ages will be 24. Find the age of Sheila now.
Posted On Mar 1, 2022
One number is 3 more than twice another number.The sum of the two numbers is 25
Posted On Jan 20, 2022
Cherry pies cost $12 each. Apple pies cost $9 each. You sold 20 pies and brought in $198. How many apple pies did[..]
Posted On Jan 19, 2022
A group of friends wants to go to the amusement park. They have $368.50 to spend on parking and admission. Parking[..]
Posted On Jan 17, 2022
A survey of 1000 Americans showed that 37% of them had a valid passport. a) What percent of Americans did not have[..]