Most recently answered word problems

Posted On Jan 11, 2021
Joshua took a math contest with 25 questions. Each correct answer earned 6 points while each incorrect answer[..]
Posted On Jan 11, 2021
Josh can type 496 words in 8 minutes, about how many words can he type in 60 minutes.
Posted On Jan 11, 2021
the alipine runners ran 16 and 1/3 miles in 4 hours. how many miles did they run in one hour?
Posted On Jan 8, 2021
Marina Polyakova pays a total of $1150 per month for rent and electricity. It costs $650 more for rent per month[..]
Posted On Jan 3, 2021
Evan Spent 20 hours doing homework last week. This week he spent 25 hours doing homework. He says that he spent 125%[..]
Posted On Dec 19, 2020
The Torres family came home from the movies at 5:00 p.m. The trip to and from the movie theater was 15 minutes each[..]
Posted On Dec 18, 2020
Sue and Cath have $20 left for a cab fare home. The cab fare is $3 per mile plus a $2 fixed charge. What is the[..]
Posted On Dec 18, 2020
Primo car rental agency charges $20 per day plus $0.25 per mile. Ultimo car rental agency charges $20 per day plus[..]
Posted On Dec 1, 2020
Two/thirds of the students in a class passed their math test. If 16 students passed the test, how many students are[..]
Posted On Oct 6, 2020
The product of 2020 positive whole numbers is 11. What is the sum of the numbers?