Most recently answered word problems

Posted On Oct 11, 2021
A punch recipe requires 3/5 of a cup of pineapple juice for every 2 1/2 cups of soda what is the unit rate of the[..]
Posted On Sep 26, 2021
There were 10030 VIP audience in Blackpink virtual concert and 25000 VIP audience in BTS virtual concert. Some[..]
Posted On Sep 23, 2021
the ratio of t he amount of money in David's pocket to that in Indira's pocket is 9:10. Indira has 25cents.How much[..]
Posted On Sep 14, 2021
At a private resort,35 people swim, 24 play tennis, and 27 jog. Of these people, 12 swim and play tennis, 19 play[..]
Posted On Sep 14, 2021
A coin of circle shape has a radius of 3 cm with a square of side x cm removed from its center. The area of each[..]
Posted On Sep 13, 2021
how many kilograms of cookies worth of $0.80 per kilogram must be mixed with 10 kilograms of cookies worth $1 per[..]
Posted On Sep 13, 2021
a grocer wants to mix candy worth 95 cents per kilogram with candy worth 80 cents per kilogram to make a blend to[..]
Posted On Sep 12, 2021
Albertsons grocery planned a big sale on apples and received 990 crates from the wholesale market. Albertsons will[..]
Posted On Sep 10, 2021
What is the smallest number that you must multiply 6750 by in order to get a perfect square?
Posted On Aug 25, 2021
A tree next to a fence is 2 feet taller than the fence. One year later the tree grew an additional 0.4 feet. If the[..]