Most recently answered word problems

Posted On Apr 14, 2021
Patrick jumped 60 times in 2 hours. How many times did he jump in 10 minutes?
Posted On Apr 9, 2021
A chemsit has one solution that is 40% acid and a second that is 32% acid .How many liters of each should be mixed[..]
Posted On Apr 4, 2021
A sweater is originally $32. It is 25% off the original price this week. How much will the shopper save by buying[..]
Posted On Apr 3, 2021
Each March from 1998 to 2003, a website recorded the number y of referrals it received from Internet search engines.[..]
Posted On Apr 1, 2021
A town in the mid west has been experiencing a steady population decline of 6.5 % per year for the past decade. If[..]
Posted On Apr 1, 2021
3/4 of all persons arrested are male. 3/5 of all persons arrested are white. 1/5 of all persons are black. What[..]
Posted On Mar 26, 2021
At a pie eating contest, Billy Jo ate 5 1/2 pies in 17 minutes. How many pies could Billy Jo eat per minute?[..]
Posted On Mar 26, 2021
Jonathon fills 1/5 of a toffee box in 1/30 ‚Äč of a minute. How much time will he take to fill a full box?
Posted On Feb 4, 2021
if 10 workers can finish 200 items of product in 4 hours, how many workers are needed to finish the same number of[..]
Posted On Feb 4, 2021
Mr. Schneider spent $15.00 at his local craft store. If the sales tax was 7% how much will he pay in tax?