• Solution

On this page you can find information about the solution process. If you need to perform a different operation, press the appropriate operation tab.

How can I see the explanation of a single step?

You can obtain the explanation for any step by pressing on it. Please note that this doesn’t work for the very first expression, because that is the original problem (not a step).

What does solution ‘x ∈ R’ mean?

This means that any value of x will satisfy the equation. In other words, the solution does not depend on x.

What does solution ‘x ∈ ∅’ mean?

This means that the solution is an empty set – no value of x will satisfy the equation.

Why is Algebrator’s solution different from what I have in my book?

The most common reason is that Algebrator, by default, uses integers and fractions to represent the results. Please note that there are many different ways to represent solutions in algebra. Algebrator uses the most common representations, found in popular algebra textbooks.