Intermediate Algebra Syllabus

Course Description: Intermediate Algebra is a continuation of Math 0003, Developmental
Algebra. Topics include rational expressions , functions, linear inequalities , absolute value
equations and inequalities, rational exponents , radical expressions, complex numbers, quadratic
equations and functions.

Course Prerequisites: Math 0003-Developmental Algebra, or an acceptable ACT score and
high school Algebra I.

Course Rationale: The major purpose of this course is to strengthen and expand basic algebra
skills to enable students to enroll in College Algebra with a reasonable expectation for success.

Required Materials: Textbook is optional. Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, 4th ed., by
Bittinger, Ellenbogen and Johnson. However, MyMathLab Access Code is required.

Supplementary Materials: A scientific calculator with a fraction key (Example: TI-30X IIS) or
graphing calculator (Example: TI-83) is helpful in this course.

Evaluation and Grading:

Your final course grade will be determined by your point
accumulation in the following areas.

Homework 200 points
Chapter Exams 600 points
Final Exam 200 points


1000 points

Letter Grades will be determined as follows:

Institutional Learning Outcomes:
ASU-Beebe is committed to providing students with a broad-based educational experience and
focuses, through general education coursework, on five essential learning outcomes:
Communication, Critical Thinking, Mathematical Concepts and Application, Scientific Inquiry
and Methodology , Society and Self. The learning objectives of all courses are linked to these
institutional learning outcomes to ensure that outcomes of individual courses are consistent with
the university’s institutional goals.

Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
1. solve the following types of equations:
a. linear equations.
b. absolute value equations .
c. quadratic equations .
d. equations containing rational expressions.
e. equations containing radical expressions .
2. solve applications involving each of the types of equations in 1.
3. solve linear and absolute value inequalities.
4. graph linear and quadratic functions.
5. graph linear inequalities.
6. write equations in point- slope and slope - intercept form .
7. find the domain of a rational expression.
8. reduce , add, subtract , multiply and divide rational expressions.
9. simplify a complex fraction .
10. simplify a radical expression.
11. add , subtract, multiply and divide radical expressions.
12. simplify an expression with rational exponents.
13. add, subtract, multiply and divide complex numbers.

Attendance/Participation Policy:
Attendance at all class sessions is expected and is regarded
as a course requirement. All absences are considered to be unexcused, unless the student
presents to the instructor , documentation warranting the absence. After the 6th absence (MWF)
or 4th absence (TR), the student may be given a grade of "F" in the course, unless officially
withdrawn from the class before the final withdrawal date. In determining whether a student
should receive a failing grade for absences, the instructor gives consideration to the quality of the
academic work being accomplished by the student and any extenuating circumstances related to
the student’s absences from class.

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