Quadratic Functions and Equations

Quadratic Functions :

The equation in the form y=ax2+bx+c is called quadratic function.

A quadratic function has degree 2.


1. Find a, b, and c for the quadratic function

Solution : First write the standard form y=ax2+bx+c

Now find a, b, c by comparing both equations.

Therefore we have a=1, b=3, and c=5

Note: if a function is not in a standard form, you can
reorder the terms . First write the x2 term, then x term and
write the constant term last .

Graphs of Quadratic Functions:

To graph a Quadratic Function, first make a table of
values for a quadratic function. Then you can graph the
ordered pairs to see the graph of the quadratic function.
Note: The graph of quadratic function is not a straight
line . You should connect the points with a curved line .

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