Matrix Operations

1. Try the following commands (at the prompt and then press Enter ):

M = [1,3,-1,6;2,4,0,-1;0,-2,3,-1;-1,2,-5,1]

2. Repeat the above procedure for the matrix:

3. Multiply M and N using M * N. Can the order of multiplication be switched? Why or why
not? Try it to see how MATLAB reacts.

4. Find the determinant and inverse of the following matrix:

5. Let B be the matrix obtained from A by rounding off to three decimal places . Find the determinant
and inverse of B. How do A-1 and B-1 differ? Explain how this happened.

6. Prepare a brief (< 1 page) written report describing what happened and answering all the
questions. Writing quality will play a part in your grade.

This exercise introduces some basic matrix operations , the importance of matrix dimensions,
and numerical sensitivity .

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