Math 015 Pre-Algebra

Adaptations/Accommodations: If adaptations or accommodations are needed because of a disability, if you need to make me aware of
emergency medical information, or if you need special arrangements in case of building evacuations, please contact me as soon as possible or by
the 10th day of the semester.

Student Contact: Students are expected to monitor their LCMail email accounts for class announcements. If you don’t have a computer at
home, find a computer lab on campus to check your email.


Skill Quizzes: Skill quizzes must be perfect. You must retake each quiz until you can do it without error. Retakes may be completed at
the end of class or during office hours or by special appointment, if necessary. Only one version of any quiz may be taken on any given day. If you
miss a quiz, you make it up by taking the retake. TO PASS THIS CLASS, every skill quiz must be passed by 5:00 pm on
Friday, December 12th. If you have even one skill quiz that is not successfully completed by this time, you will
fail this class.

Homework: Homework will be collected at the beginning of class each day. No late homework is accepted. Homework will be graded and
returned. The lowest 3 of all assignments will be dropped. It is your responsibility to ask for help and to make sure you are doing problems correctly.
Since this is a 3 credit class, you should expect to spend at least 6 hours a week outside of class completing assignments, studying, and preparing
for quizzes and exams.

Exams: 4 exams will be worth 50% of your final grade. No retakes are possible. Headphones may be worn during tests only if you are
listening to prerecorded CDs AND provided they do not disturb others. Make up exams are allowed only if you contact me no later than the day of the
exam by phone or email and you have an acceptable excuse for missing the test. Oversleeping and mild illnesses are not acceptable excuses.

Final Exam: The final is comprehensive and will be given as follows:

Math 015-01 Wednesday, December 17th from 9:00-11:00 AM
Math 015-03 Monday, December 15th from 1:30-3:30 PM

Do not make plans to leave before you have completed your final exam!!

Attendance, Participation, Modumath, etc.: Attendance is important! If you're absent, not only do you miss material, you'll miss skill
quizzes, not be present to turn homework in, and absences will hurt your grade. Participation by asking questions will not only help you, but also
many of your classmates. It will also help me to know how best to help you. This portion of your grade will also include additional work that will be
completed on computers in the Math Lab using Modumath software. There will be more information given on this in class.


TUESDAY, September 2: Instructor’s Written Approval is required to Add this class
MONDAY, September 8: Last day to Drop this class without a permanent entry on your transcript
FRIDAY, October 24: Mid Term Grades turned in
FRIDAY, November 7: Last day to withdraw from this course with a W on your transcript. After this, withdrawal is only
permitted by petition and approval of the division chair . The division chair requires documentation of
extraordinary circumstances that prevented you from withdrawing by the deadline.


Grading Scale How your grade is determined:



Academic Dishonesty: According to the Lewis-Clark State College Student Code of Conduct found in the Student Handbook, cheating or
plagiarism in any form is unacceptable. All work submitted by a student must represent his/her own ideas, concepts and current understanding.
Academic dishonesty includes cheating, fabrication, helping others to cheat, and plagiarism. Examples of academic dishonesty include, but are not limited to, looking at previous skill quizzes or notes during a skill quiz, allowing someone to copy your homework, telling someone in the afternoon section about the test in the morning section, submitting answers from the back of the book instead of actually doing the problems, copying someone else’s work on a test or skill quiz, or using a calculator when told not to do so. Collaborative homework is acceptable as long as all the participants fully participate in the work. Students are encouraged to work together on homework and to study together for exams. There is a clear difference between collaboration and copying.

Academic dishonesty in this course will result in a grade of F and the code of conduct violation will be reported to the
appropriate administrative office for further action.

Incompletes: Incompletes will only be given under the following conditions: (1) 80% of all coursework is completed. (2) You must be passing
with a 70% or better. (3) You must provide written documentation of a medical or family emergency.

List of Skill Quizzes:

• Skill Quiz A. State the commutative property of addition and the
associative property of addition in words and in variables .
• Skill Quiz B. Round whole numbers to a given place value. Add and
subtract whole numbers. No calculator.
• Skill Quiz C. Multiply whole numbers. State the distributive property
using variables. No calculator.
• Skill Quiz D. Complete long division of whole numbers. No
• Skill Quiz E. Evaluate exponential expressions. Use the product rule
of exponents. No calculator.
• Skill Quiz F. Evaluate an expression following the order of
operations. No calculator.
• Skill Quiz G. Add and subtract integers. Evaluate an absolute value.
No calculator.
• Skill Quiz H. Add, subtract, multiply or divide integers. No
• Skill Quiz I. Evaluate expressions that include integers following the
order of operations . No calculator.
• Skill Quiz J. Simplify an algebraic expression. No calculator.
• Skill Quiz K. Solve an equation using one property of equality.
Check the solution. No calculator.
• Skill Quiz L. List factors , divisors, or multiples of a number.
• Skill Quiz M. Simplify a fraction to lowest terms . Build equivalent
fractions. No calculator.
• Skill Quiz N. Multiply or divide fractions. No calculator.
• Skill Quiz O. Add or subtract fractions. No calculator.
• Skill Quiz P. Add, subtract, multiply or divide mixed numbers. No
• Skill Quiz Q. Round decimals; add and subtract decimals. No
• Skill Quiz R. Multiply decimals. No calculator.
• Skill Quiz S. Divide decimals. No calculator.
• Skill Quiz T. Graph a linear equation .
• Skill Quiz U. Rewrite a percent as a fraction or a decimal. No
• Skill Quiz V. Solve a percent increase or decrease problem.
• Skill Quiz W. Find the area of a circle . Find the circumference of a
• Skill Quiz X. Calculate perimeter, area, and volume. Include the
units of measurement. No calculator.
• Skill Quiz Y. Evaluate square roots . Use the Pythagorean Theorem.
No calculator.
• Skill Quiz Z. Add or subtract polynomials. No calculator.



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