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Algebrator is worth the cost due to the approach. The easiness with which my son uses it to learn how to solve complex equations is really a marvelous.
D.D., Arizona

This is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!!
Madison Childress, FL

I'm really glad I found this program!
Owen Patton, UT.

This product is the greatest thing. I always went to my friends house to use hers until I could convince my parents to buy it for me. I hate to say it but I really needed help with algebra and now Ive got it!
Tim Blumberg, CA

As a single mom attending college, I found that I did not have much time for my daughter when I was struggling over my Algebra homework. I tried algebra help books, which only made me more confused. I considered a tutor, but they were just simply to expensive. The Algebrator software was far less expensive, and walked me through each problem step by step. Thank you for creating a great product.
Mika Lester, MI

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