Free Help with Mathematics for R

Free Help with Mathematics for Regis Students

Are your math skills a little rusty? The
Math Primer Workshop is an on- line resource
which will assist students in becoming
proficient in their mathematical
skills so that they can be successful in
their required mathematical curriculum.
Following an introductory section on
math phobia, nine separate topics are
available to students in the Math Primer
Workshop. These topics are:

• Integers, Operations , and Manipulation
of Signed Numbers
Fractions , Decimals, and Percents
Linear Equations and Inequalities
Graphing Linear Equations
Exponents and Polynomials
Quadratic Equations
Graphing Quadratic Equations

Student Interaction

A student may study any or all of the
topics and can study the topics in any
order . Students will have access to the
workshop for up to one year following
their initial entry into the workshop.
Each student will receive a free kit giving
them access to the electronic textbook,
MyMathLab, and the on-line
Learning Management System (LMS)
used in the workshop. The student will
log into WorldClass as if they were taking
an on- line course and access the
workshop through the WorldClass LMS.
There are self assessments in each topic
so that the student and facilitator can
track how a student is progressing.

Facilitator Involvement

The main role of the facilitator is to answer
questions and provide explanations to the
students. The facilitator may have multiple
students studying more than one topic during
the semester that they are facilitating the

Student Access
Students enter the workshop through recommendations
by their advisor, a facilitator
from another Math course, an Enrollment
Counselor, or the Academic Resources Department.
The workshop will not appear on

Funding for the development of the Math
Primer Workshop was provided through the
WIRED I grant.

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