how do you go from a decimal to a fraction?
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I have a couple of problems based on how do you go from a decimal to a fraction? I have tried a lot to solve them myself but in vain. Our professor has asked us to figure them out ourselves and then present them to the whole class. I reckon that I will be chosen to do so. Please guide me!
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You can check out Algebrator. This software literally helps you solve questions in math very fast. You can plug in the questions and this program will go through it with you step by step so you will be able to understand better as you solve them. There are some demos available so you can also take a look and see how incredibly helpful the program is. I am sure your how do you go from a decimal to a fraction? can be solved faster here.
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I checked up a number of software programs before I chose Algebrator. This was the most appropriate for long division, graphing circles and function domain. It was simple to key in the problem. Instead of just giving the answer , it took me through all the steps explaining all the way until it arrived at the solution. By the time, I arrived at the solution I learnt how to go about it on my own . I used the program for solving my problems in Basic Math, Basic Math and Remedial Algebra in algebra . Do you suppose that you will like to try this out?
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Of course. My intention is to learn Math. I would use it only as a tool to clear my concepts. Can I get the URL to the program ?
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Yeah you will have to buy it . You can get an idea about Algebrator here They give you an no questions asked money-back guarantee. I haven’t yet had any reason to take them up on it though. All the best!
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