Test 1 will be Wednesday, February 4.
You should know how to do any problems related to the following:
1. Know the quadratic formula and how to use it (1.1).
2. Know how to use the zero product property to solve quadratic equations (1.1).
3. Solve inequalities , including those involving the absolute value of an expression. Un-
derstand and use both interval notation and a number line to express the solution set (1.1).
4. Know how to plot points in the xy-plane and identify which quadrant each is in (1.2).
5. Know the distance formula and how to use it (1.2).
6. Know the midpoint formula and how to use it (1.2).
7. Know the equation of a circle . Know how to complete the square with a given equation
to find the center and radius of a circle (1.2).
8. Know the various descriptions of a function that were discussed in class (1.3).
9. Plot a the graph of a function by using its equation (1.3).
10. Evaluate a function given its formula (1.3).
11. Identify the domain and range of a function (1.3).
12. Use the vertical line test to identify a function (1.3).
13. Identify on which intervals a function is increasing, decreasing, or constant (1.3).
14. Know the definition of an even or odd function (1.4).
15. Use translations, reflections, compressions, and stretchings to sketch the graph of a
function (1.4).
16. Given two functions , f and g, be able to form f + g; f - g; f * g;
f/g; and f ο g. Be able to determine the domain of each (1.5).
17. Calculate the difference quotient of a given function (1.5).
18. Determine if a function is one-to-one by using the horizontal line test (1.6).
19. Be able to find the inverse of a given function (1.6).
20. Sketch the graph of f -1 from the graph of f (1.6).

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