College Algebra Final Review Practice Quiz

Question 1 (4 points)
Solve Quadratic Equations by Taking Square Roots

Question 2 (4 points)
Composition of Functions
Find for the pair of functions.

Question 3 (4 points)
Addition and subtraction of matrices
Evaluate the expression .

Question 4 (4 points)
Graph Rational Functions That Have a Common Factor

Question 5 (4 points)
Reflections of Graphs
The graph of the function is shown below. Find the equation and the graph of the function g(x)
which is the reflection of f(x) in the y-axis.

Question 6 (4 points)
Properties of Inequalities

Question 7 (4 points)
Graphs of Logarithmic Functions
Identify the graph of the logarithmic function.

Question 8 (4 points)
Radical Equations

Question 9 (4 points)
Equations that are Quadratic in Form

Question 10 (4 points)
Slant Asymptotes
Which of the following rational functions has a graph with a slant asymptote?

Question 11 (4 points)
Parabolas with vertex at (0, 0)
Find the equation of the parabola with vertex at the origin, that passes through the point (-1,1) and opens

Question 12 (4 points)
Linear Equations

Question 13 (4 points)
Operations on Functions
Given and find .

Question 14 (4 points)
Scalar multiplication
Evaluate -8A.

Question 15 (4 points)
Graph a nonlinear inequality
Identify the graph of the inequality.

Question 16 (4 points)
Parabolas with vertex at (h, k)
Find the vertex, focus, and directrix of the parabola.

Question 17 (4 points)
Graphs of Inverse Functions
Let f(x)=4x+7 Identify the graph of f and f-1

Question 18 (4 points)
Translations of Graphs
Use the graph of f(x)=|x| to identify the graph of f(x)=|x-3|-2.

Question 19 (4 points)
Circles, Their Equations, and Their Graphs
Find the standard form of the equation of the specified circle .
Center:(-1,3) Radius:

Question 20 (4 points)
Absolute Value Inequalities

Question 21 (4 points)
Substitution method for solving a system of linear equations
Solve by substitution.

Question 22 (4 points)
Maximum and Minimum Values
Find all relative extrema of the function.

Question 23 (4 points)
Solve Exponential Equations
Solve for x.

Question 24 (4 points)
Exponential Functions
Find for f(0) the function f(x)=2x.

Question 25 (4 points)
Vertical and Horizontal Asymptotes
Find the horizontal asymptote of the graph of

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