Course Description/Overview:
The Intermediate Algebra course is one of the basic and fundamental courses in Mathematics. It provides
an introduction to mathematical reasoning and problem solving with an emphasis on the most basic concepts of

This is the third and the last course in the series of developmental courses in mathematics at Brazosport
College. Successful completion of this course should indicate readiness for the next course, College Algebra:
MATH 1314.

The course textbook is Algebra Beginning and Intermediate 2nd Edition by R. N. Aufmann, V. C.
Braker and J. S. Lockwood, Houghton Mifflin Company.

The Intermediate Algebra course is designed as a regular course, containing lecture and lab classes.
In the lecture/teaching classes, the student will perform regular activities, asked by the instructor. The
corresponding lesson/work will be taught at this time.
During the Lab section, the students will be allowed to work on the previous topic (s); the work may be
done individually or in small teams. Also, the Lab time is set for discussions, questions, and related topic debates.
Because of the time assigned for the class (2 hours and 5 minutes), a short break may be taken as at
instructor decision.

Course Goals:
Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:
1. Describe a set of real numbers in interval and set builder notation.
2. Find the intersection and union of two sets .
3. Solve a linear equation.
4. Solve a literal equation.
5. Solve a linear inequality and describe the solution in interval notation.
6. Solve an absolute value equation.
7. Set up and solve a linear application.
8. Find the slope and equation of a line .
9. Graph the equation of a line.
10. Graph a linear inequality.
11. Solve a system of linear equations.
12. Simplify monomial expressions with integral exponents.
13. Multiply and divide two polynomials .
14. Factor an expression in quadratic form .
15. Use the factor by grouping technique.
16. Factor a binomial using the sum or difference of cubes.
17. Add or subtract two rational expressions.
18. Multiply or divide two rational expressions.
19. Simplify a complex fraction .
20. Solve equations involving rational expressions.
21. Simplify expressions with rational exponents.
22. Simplify radical expressions .
23. Add or subtract radical expressions.
24. Multiply or divide radical expressions.
25. Solve a quadratic equation.

During this semester there will be several quizzes from homework, 5 Tests and one Final Exam.
Any written open-answer assessment must contain all the steps performed in order to get the solution and
must be presented in a mathematical methodical manner . No make up work is allowed unless extraordinary
circumstances by providing official documents. Official document must have the Heading of a company or
doctor and the sill plus a signature of the person who completes the document. In addition, the reason of
absences must be very, very strong.

Grading Policy/Evaluation:
The grades will be counted in the following way:

Class Work/Participation 10%
Quizzes 20%
Tests’ average 50%
Final Exam: 20%

Final Exam:
The Final Exam is mandatory and comprehensive. Its schedule for December 14, 2009, in the regular
classroom, from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. Missing the Final Exam is reflected as failure the course. No make-up is
allowed for the Final in any circumstances.

The Final Exam worth 20% from the final grade!

Class Work:
During the class sessions, the student is allowed to take the written notes only, to interact with the
instructor by answering to asked questions and asking questions, to complete the work required by the instructor,
working individual or in groups.
The student is not allowed to
1. Use the cell phone in any ways (i.e. typing messages or speaking)
2. To sleep in class
3. To come in class without books, pencils or notebooks
4. To bring food or any beverages in class (the only liquid accepted is WATER)
5. To work on the homework during the lecture.
If this is happened, the student will be invited to leave the class, accumulated an absence, or he/she will
be punished with a point off from the final grade.
The Class Work worth 10% from the final grade.

The homework is assigned on the schedule. The homework will not be collected. Several quizzes from
homework will be given during this semester.

There will be several unannounced quizzes from homework. No make-up is allowed.
The average of quizzes worth 20% from the final grade!

Four (5) Tests will be administrated in the regular class as scheduled:
Test 1 September 16th, 2009
Test 2 September 30th, 2009
Test 3 October 14th, 2009
Test 4 November 2nd, 2009
Test 5 December 2nd, 2009

They contains open-answer questions where the students are required to show all the work performed on
the tests’ paper in a methodical manner, organized and using appropriate mathematical symbols .
The dates for the Tests are stated on the Schedule as tentative; the instructor will announce the exact date
and time in the class, prior. For this reason, no make up work is allowed unless extraordinary circumstances
by providing official documents.

The average of tests worth 50% from the final grade!

Grading Scale:
Unless an announced in changes is made , the following scale will be applied for this course:

Required Material:
No special materials or devices are required. Any kind of calculator is prohibited.

The students must attend every lecture and lab class. Each class meeting is considering as an entity. After
3 absences the instructor will consider “excessive absences” and may drop the student.

To avoid unnecessary class disruptions, the students are expected to arrive on time and remain seated
until the class is dismissed. If a student is coming late in class, the instructor may consider it as an absence.
The time spent in the class, the student will follow the instructor’s directives and will respect the
College’s student conduct (including academic honesty).

Dropping policy:
The last day to withdraw from course is November 6, 2009.
No late withdraw form will be signed after the official dropping date!
To be eligible for a reinstatement, the student must bring official documents and have an average of at
least 70% in his/her class participation.
If a student is withdrawn from a developmental class, and has not met the minimum passing score set by
TSI, s/he will be withdrawn not only from the developmental course but also from all other courses as well.

Academic Honesty:
Brazosport College assumes that students eligible to perform on the college level are familiar with the
ordinary rules governing proper conduct including academic honesty. The principle of academic honesty is that
all work presented by you is yours alone. Academic dishonesty including, but not limited to, cheating, plagiarism,
and collusion shall be treated appropriately.
The students caught cheating will be get zero for the assessment for the first time. The second time
he/she will have a failing grade for the entire course.

Time requirement:
Taking into account the volume of the information and the homework assigned, a minimum of 8 hours a
week outside of class is required for course preparation including: reading the lessons from the textbook,
reviewing the class notes and complete the homework.
A team of Tutors is available in the LAC (phone 230-

Students with disabilities:
Brazosport College is committed to provide equal education opportunities to every student. Brazosport
College offers services for individuals with special needs and capabilities including counseling, tutoring,
equipment, and software to assist students with special needs. Please contact Phil Robertson, Special Populations
Counselor, 979-230-3236 for further information.


No electronic recording device is allowed in the class. The students may only take written notes from the
No cell phones are allowed to be used during the class, quizzes, tests or exams. Please turn off any
electronic device which may disturb the class activity.
No food is allowed to be brought into the class and be consumed, at any time.
No other electronic device, including laptop, palm, iPod is allowed to be brought and used in class, at any

1. Any further information will be presented in class by the instructor and is the student’s
responsibility to be informed.
2. If the school is shutting down due on sever weather conditions in the day of scheduled test, it will
be reschedule for the first meeting after schools reopen.
3. There will be no office hours during the Exam Week.
4. There will be no assessments at the end of the semester to increase the grades. The students
MUST perform the work during the 16 weeks witch is the semester period.

Other student Services Information:
Information about study skills and tutoring for math, reading, writing, biology, chemistry and other
subjects is available in the Learning Assistance Center (LAC),  call 979-230-

The Student Services provides assistance in the following:
Counseling and Advising 979-230-3040
Financial Aid 979-230-3294
Student Activities 979-230-3355
To reach the Information Technology Department for computer, email, or other technical assistance call
the Help Desk at 979-230-3266.

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