Course Syllabus for Intermediate Algebra

Prerequisite: COMPASS placement score 31-39 or successful completion (C or better) of Math 0097

Course Description: This course is a review of intermediate algebra. Topics include properties of numbers,
linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, polynomials, rational expressions and roots.

Office Hours: Office hours are 9:30am – 11am on Monday and Wednesday. Additional office hours are
available by appointment.

Textbook: Elementary & Intermediate Algebra: A Combined Course, 3rd edition, Charles P. McKeague,
Thomson, Brooks/Cole Publishing. ISBN 0-495-38303-1

Optional (Recommended):
Student Solutions Manual

Course Content: Chapters 6 – 10 of the textbook as well as selected sections from the text. Some COMPASS
review material will be included in the course.

Use of calculators is allowed on all tests. Each student taking this course needs access to a TI-83,
TI-84 or equivalent graphing /scientific calculator. Students will use their calculator while participating in class,
taking exams, and completing homework exercises. Please note that sharing calculators during graded
assignments is not permitted.

COMPASS: In order to complete Learning Support requirements for mathematics, students must earn a grade
of C or better in MATH 0099 AND pass the COMPASS exit exam with a score of 40 or higher.

Academic Policies: If a student simply quits attending class without officially withdrawing, the student will
receive a grade of F in the class. The last day for officially withdrawing from class without grade penalty is
March 6. Withdrawals after mid-semester are subject to approval by the Vice President for Academic Affairs
and will be issued only in cases of extreme emergency or hardship.

Student Learning:
Students completing this course should satisfy the following goal and learning outcomes.

Team Goal—Mathematics: The student will be able to demonstrate the ability to
apply mathematical thought and methods .

Related Team Outcomes

• Students will be able to demonstrate algebraic skills in solving equations.
• Students will be able to graph an abstract function.
• Students will be able to model concrete problems and arrive at solutions.
• Students will be able to demonstrate algebraic skills in solving inequalities.
• Students will be able to use appropriate technology to enhance
mathematical thinking and understanding.

Grades: Students will have the choice between 2 grading plans. They are as follows:

Plan A
(homework option)
Plan B
(no homework option)
Test 1 15% Test 1 15%
Test 2 15% Test 2 15%
Test 3 15% Test 3 15%
Test 4 15% Test 4 15%
Homework/quizzes 20% Quizzes 20%
Final 20% Final 20%
Total 100% Total 100%

Students will need to decide which option best suits their needs and will submit a contract stating which plan
they choose to have their grade based on. All contracts will be due by the date of the first test.

The following grading scale will apply:
A - 90%-100%
B - 80%-89%
C - 70%-79%
F - less than 70% (student must repeat the class)

IP (In Progress) is a potential grade for this course. It is awarded only to those students eligible to take the
COMPASS exit exam but who do not earn the required score on COMPASS to exit Learning Support
mathematics. Students not deemed eligible to take COMPASS will earn a grade of F for the course.

Attendance: Students are expected to attend each and every scheduled class session. Since lectures begin
promptly at the scheduled time, students are encouraged to avoid arriving late to class. Roll will be taken during
each class session. Makeup work will not be accepted so students need to be sure they do not miss any in-
class assignments.

Extended Absence:
Students, who have circumstances that prevent them from continuing to attend classes over
an extended period of time, sometimes request that the faculty member permit them to submit work in absentia
to receive credit to complete the course. If the concurrent absences will constitute more than 15% of the class
sessions for the term , then written permission from the Division Chair is required before any course
assignments can be completed while missing class. The student must be in good academic standing in the
course to make the request. All approved coursework must be completed by the end of the semester in which
the course was begun.

Homework: We learn math by doing math. One to two hours of homework per day are the norm for this
course. Quizzes will most likely be taken from the homework so it is important to understand the material prior
to class. Waiting until the last minute to do your homework or studying the material is not conducive to being
successful in this class. Late assignments will not be accepted. Each assignment should be labeled with the
student’s name, class number and section , in addition to the specific assignment. Assigned problems from the
homework should be worked out and checked using the answer key provided in the back of the book. All
missed problems should be reworked. All submitted work is to be neat, readable and COMPLETE.
Assignments without supporting work will not receive credit
. Students are required to keep all homework
assignments, tests, and all other relevant documents until the end of the semester.

Tests: NO MAKE-UP TESTS WILL BE GIVEN IN THIS CLASS. If a student misses a test, they will receive
a grade of zero on that test. At the end of the semester all students have the option of replacing one test grade
with their grade on the comprehensive final. Students that know in advance they will be absent on a test day
may make arrangements with the instructor to take the test at a time prior to the time the class takes the test.
Students who have attended all classes (that is, no absences over that material) have the option of
reworking missed test questions for partial credit.

Cheating: Cheating (or even the appearance of cheating) will not be tolerated in this class. Any student that the
instructor suspects of cheating will be removed from the testing area. The issue will be referred to the
appropriate Floyd College committee for investigation.

Learning Disabilities:
Students who feel they may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability
should make an appointment with the College Access Center (706: 802-5003) to coordinate reasonable
accommodations. The students are also welcome to contact the instructors privately to discuss one’s specific

This message applies only to students receiving financial aid: Federal regulations state that if a student did
not attend classes and received failing grades, then the grades were not earned and financial aid needs to be
reduced accordingly . Please be advised that any student receiving a 0.00 GPA will be required to prove that the
0.00 GPA was earned by attending classes or completing requirements for each class. Students who have
earned at least one passing grade for the semester will not be affected by this regulation. If a student has
properly withdrawn from all classes, the student’s financial aid should be adjusted from the time they signed the

Student Conduct: Policies on student conduct and academic integrity are in the College’s “Student Rights &
Responsibilities” document.

Math 099 Assignments:

(All test dates are tentative and are subject to change at the discretion of the instructor)

Section Homework
5.6 Factoring: A General Review 1-65 odd
6.1 Reducing Rational Expressions to Lowest Terms 1-47odd, 59-67odd
6.2 Multiplication and Division of Rational Expressions 1-57 odd
6.3 Addition and Subtraction of Rational Expressions 1-41odd
6.6 Complex Fractions 1-31odd
  Test 1 February 2
7.1 Review of Solving Equations 1-87 odd
  The Quadratic Formula Worksheet
6.4 Equations Involving Rational Expressions 1-45 odd
6.5 Applications 1-24 all
6.7 Proportions 1-31 odd
7.3 Compound Inequalities and Interval Notation 1-57 odd
7.2 Equations With Absolute Value 1-55 odd
7.4 Inequalities Involving Absolute Value 1-43 odd
7.5 Review of Systems of Equations in Two Variables 1-73 odd
  Test 2 March 2
4.1 Multiplication with Exponents 1-15 odd, 19-63 odd
4.2 Division with Exponents 1-15 odd, 23-63 odd
9.1 Rational Exponents 1-79 odd
9.2 More Expressions Involving Rational Exponents 1-61 odd
9.3 Simplified Form for Radicals Every other odd thru 95
9.4 Addition and Subtraction of Radical Expressions 1-37 odd
9.5 Multiplication and Division of Radical Expressions Every other odd thru 95
9.6 Equations with Radicals 1-53 odd
9.7 Complex Numbers 1-77 odd
  Test 3 March 30
3.5 Slope and the Equation of a line 1-45 odd
8.1 The Slope of a Line 31-43
8.2 The Equation of a Line 25-43 odd, 51-60
8.3 Introduction to Functions 1-35 odd
8.4 Function Notation 1-45 odd
8.5 Algebra with Functions 1-51 odd
10.1 Completing the Square 1-43 odd
10.2 The Quadratic Formula 1-35 odd
10.3 Additional Items Involving Solutions to Equations 1-39 odd
10.5 Graphing Parabolas 1-27 odd
  Distance/Midpoint Worksheet
  Test 4 April 27
  Final Exam May 4
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