Math Course 2 Chapter 5 Review

Chapter Overview One way you can help your student succeed in Chapter 5 is by
discussing the lesson goals in the chart below . When a lesson is completed, ask your
student the following questions. “What were the goals of the lesson? What new words
and formulas did you learn? How can you apply the ideas of the lesson to your life?”

Lesson Title Lesson Goals Key Applications
5.1: Adding and Subtracting
Add and subtract fractions . • Construction
• Swimming
• Alligators
Music Signatures
5.2: Adding and Subtracting
Mixed Numbers
Add and subtract mixed numbers . • World Series
• Running
• Child Development
• Coins
5.3: Multiplying Fractions and
Mixed Numbers
Multiply fractions and mixed
• Ice Cream
• Elections
• Horses
• Stained Glass
5.4: Dividing Fractions and
Mixed Numbers
Divide fractions and mixed
Draw diagrams to solve problems .
• Inline Skating
• Sandwiches
• Slalom Skiing
• School Yearbook
5.5: Measuring in Customary
Measure and estimate using
customary units of length, weight,
and capacity.
• Paper Clips
• Bowling Ball
• Lemonade Pitcher
• Elephants
5.6: Converting Customary
Convert between customary units
of length, weight, and capacity.
Write mixed units of measurements.
• Fabric Fence
• Whales
• Wakeboards
• Waterbottles
• Pyramids

Know How to Take Notes

Using your Notes is the strategy featured in Chapter 5 (see page 218). Encourage your student to
take complete and accurate notes during class as the teacher goes over examples. Soon after taking
the notes, they should be reviewed. If there is something that your student doesn’t understand,
he/she should get help from the teacher or another student. Answers for their questions should
then be recorded in their notes as well. Additionally, you may want to ask your student questions
about the material to check for understanding.

Key Ideas Your student can demonstrate understanding of key concepts
by working through the following exercises with you.

Lesson Exercise
5.1 Seth ate 7/10 of a vegetable pizza for dinner and 1/4 of it for a snack. How much
vegetable pizza is left?
5.2 Laura is building a wooden flower box for her yard. It will have a length of
feet and a width of   feet. The boards are 8 feet long. How many boards
will she need and how much will be unused?
5.3 Crystal baked oatmeal cookies for a bake sale. The original recipe made
dozen cookies. She multiplied the recipe byso she would have
enough cookies. How many cookies did she bake?
5.4 Each player for the All-Star basketball team played forminutes. Each
quarter was 8 minutes long. How many players were on the team?
(Hint: There are always 5 players on the court.)
5.5 Complete the statement using the appropriate customary unit.
(a) A filled backpack weighs 14 __?__.
(b) A children’s bottle of liquid vitamins contains 8 __?__.
(c) The distance you serve a volleyball is 23 __?__.
5.6 Complete the statement.
(a) 36 pt __?__ gal (b) 2.4 T __?__ lb (c) 0.75 mi __?__ yd

Home Involvement Activity

Directions: You are planning a party for 24 guests. Find recipes of your favorite
foods. Multiply the ingredient amounts so you will be able to serve your 24 guests.
(Example: A recipe that serves 6 people calls for  cups of milk. You will need to
multiply   by 4 to find the amount of milk you will need for the recipe to serve
24 people.)

5.1: 1/20
5.2: 2 boards; 3(5/6) feet unused
5.3: 8 (1/2) dozen = 102 cookies
5.4: 12 players
(a) pounds
(b) fluid ounces
(c) feet
(a) 4.5
(b) 4800
(c) 1320

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