Math 115 Elementary Algebra

Room: BUNG 5
• Monday, Sept. 1 Labor Day Holiday, college closed
• Tuesday, Sep. 2 classes begin
• Friday, Sep. 12 last day to add classes
• Friday, Sep. 26 last day to drop classes without “W”
• Friday, Nov. 7 last day for section transfers
• Monday, Nov. 10 Veterans Day, college closed
• Friday, Nov. 21 last day to drop with a “W”
• Thursday Nov. 27-30 Thanksgiving Holiday, college closed
• Saturday, Dec. 13 classes end
• Sunday, Dec. 14-20 final exams week

COMMON FINAL EXAM TIME: Saturday, Dec. 20, 10:15AM-12:15PM in the bungalows
Course Description:
We will cover the following topics:
• Chapter 1: Basic Concepts of Arithmetic and Algebra
• Chapter 2: Real Numbers
• Chapter 3: First Degree Equations and Inequalities of One Variable
• Chapter 4: Formulas and Problem Solving
• Chapter 5: Exponents and Polynomials
• Chapter 6: Factoring and Solving Equations
• Chapter 7: Algebraic Fractions
• Chapter 8: Coordinate Geometry and Linear Systems
• Chapter 9: Roots and radicals
• Chapter 10: Quadratic equations

Student Learning Outcomes:
Write and solve linear algebraic equations and inequalities.
Simplify algebraic expressions.
Construct and analyze a linear graph in a Cartesian coordinate system.
Solve quadratic and rational equations .
Solve a system of two linear equations.
Setup and solve application problems.

Class Structure:
Most of the class time will be used for lecturing and answering questions. Some time will also be used for
students to work in groups . Students should also expect to be called upon to solve problems on the board. Class
environment is to be informal, open and relaxed; hence students are strongly encouraged to participate fully in
class and to ask questions.

1. There will be five examinations of 100 points each. The lowest grade of these five examinations will be
dropped. There will be no make-up examinations, since the missed exam will be the one dropped. Any
other missed examination will receive a grade of 0. Exams will be announced in class in advance

A comprehensive Common Final examination of 200 points. There are no make-ups for the final and all
students must take the final exam on schedule.

Homework: Homework will be assigned on a regular basis, but will not be collected nor will it be counted in the
grades. Questions on the homework will be answered in the class.

Attendance: Students are expected to attend all class meetings. Unexcused absences of four meetings may result
in excluding students from class. Students themselves are responsible for dropping a class they no longer attend;
failure to do so may result in a grade of F.

Grades will be based on the total number of points earned for tests and the final:

• 540-600 A
• 480-539 B
• 420-479 C
• 360-419 D
• BELOW360 F


Study Tips:
• Attend all class meetings
• Do not fall behind on your homework or study
Math is cumulative , what you study now will be needed later
• Avoid anxiety, the best way to do that is by being well- prepared
• Motivate yourself by remembering what a good education means for the future
• Do not rely too much on memorization, concentrate on understanding ideas
• Math is like a foreign language, it must be practiced-- often
• Develop responsibility for your education

Before the test:
• Do the Chapter Tests in the book
• Do not stay up late the night before the test
• Arrive ahead of time

During the test:
• Read the instructions
• Begin with the problems that you know how to do
• Show all your work neatly
• Review your work

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