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Intermediate Algebra (3) Algebraic expressions; linear, absolute value equations and inequalities; lines;systems of linear equations; integral exponents; polynomials; factoring. This course may not be used to satisfy the basic minimum requirements for graduation in any baccalaureate degree program.

Prerequisite: basic arithmetic skills or satisfactory performance on the mathematics proficiency

Evaluation of algebraic expressions involving integers and rational numbers.
Simplification of algebraic expressions .
Solution of linear equations.
Solution of literal equations .
Word problems which reduce to a single linear equation.
Graphs of linear equations .
Slopes and equations of lines.
Solution of absolute value linear equations .
Solution of linear inequalities .
Solution of absolute value inequalities .
Solution of systems of linear equations.
Word problems which reduce to two simultaneous linear equations.
Properties of positive integral exponents.
Addition and subtraction of polynomials .
Multiplication and division of polynomials .
Factoring (special products, trinomials, grouping).
Solution of equations using factoring .

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