Overview: Solving formulas is almost exactly like solving equations but we are dealing with variables

Step 1: Get rid of parenthesis via the distributive property.

Step 2: Get rid of fractions by multiplying everything by the LCM of all the denominators

Step 3: Get everything (terms) with the variable we are solving for on one side and everything else on the
other side.
In the example above, we need to solve for p so we get everything with p on one side:
a = xp - abp

Step 4: If necessary, factor out the variable you are solving for. This will look something like this example
where we are solving for p :

Notice how both terms on the right side have a p, we need to factor it out in this step .

Step 5: Divide by what is in front of or behind (or both) the variable we are solving for. In the example

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