College Algebra Syllabus

PREREQUISITE : 2 years high school algebra or MA 100 Intermediate Algebra.
Note: Effective January 2010, the prerequisite is ACT math sub-score of 19 or higher,
or MA 100 with grade of C or better.

Equations, inequalities, functions and their graphs, inverse functions, polynomials, zeros
of polynomials, exponentials and logarithms , systems of equations , systems of

Chapter 1 Number Systems and Fundamental Concepts of Algebra
1.6 Complex Numbers

Chapter 2 Equations and Inequalities of One Variable
2.1 Linear Equations in One Variable
2.2 Linear Inequalities in One Variable
2.3 Quadratic Equations in One Variable
2.4 Higher Degree Polynomial Equations
2.5 Rational Expressions and Equations
2.6 Radical Equations

Chapter 3 Linear Equations and Inequalities of Two Variables
3.1 The Cartesian Coordinate System
3.2 Linear Equations in Two Variables
3.3 Forms of Linear Equations
3.4 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
3.5 Linear Inequalities in Two Variables
3.6 Introduction to Circles

Chapter 4 Relations, Functions, and their Graphs
4.1 Relations and Functions
4.2 Linear and Quadratic Functions
4.3 Other Common Functions
4.4 Transformations of Functions
4.5 Combining Functions
4.6 Inverses of Functions

Chapter 5 Polynomial Functions
5.1 Introduction to Polynomial Equations and Graphs
5.2 Polynomial Division and the Division Algorithm
5.3 Locating Real Zeros of Polynomials
5.4 The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

Chapter 6: Rational Functions and Conic Sections
6.1 Rational Functions and Rational Inequalities

Chapter 7 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
7.1 Exponential Functions and their Graphs
7.3 Logarithmic Functions and their Graphs
7.4 Properties and Applications of Logarithms
7.5 Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

Chapter 8 Systems of Equations
8.1 Solving Systems by Substitution and Elimination


After successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:
• solve equations and inequalities in one variable;
• solve application problems involving equations and inequalities in one
• graph equations in two variables;
• find the slope and intercepts of a line , and find an equation of a line;
• understand and use the properties of parallel and perpendicular lines;
• solve application problems involving linear equations in two variables;
• understand the definition of a function and find the domain/range of a
• sketch the graph of a function using transformations;
• write an equation of a function using transformations;
find the sum , difference, product , quotient, and composition of functions;
• graph a function and find the inverse of a function;
• perform polynomial arithmetic, find zeros of polynomials, and graph
polynomial functions;
• understand the fundamental theorem of algebra;
• understand the properties of exponential and logarithmic functions;
• graph exponential and logarithmic functions;
• solve exponential and logarithmic equations;
• solve and graph systems of equations and inequalities; and
• demonstrate fundamental skills and understand mathematic concepts
sufficient to do complex computations in Algebra.

• Class meets twice a week, once for the lecture and once for the Mathematics
• Attendance in lecture and Mathematics Lab is required. You should keep track of
your attendance.
• Video lectures for all sections are available. They can be accessed through the
course software.
• You must bring a three-ring binder notebook with all of your organized class
notes and other work in it.
• You must bring a required calculator to every class.

Hawkes Software
• The MUW Mathematics Lab is located in the Fant Library.
• You should plan to spend at least five to six hours per week either in the
Mathematics Lab or elsewhere in order to master the material. Instructors and
tutors will be in the Mathematics Lab ready to provide you with immediate and
personalized help.
• The Mathematics Lab will be open from 9 AM – 6 PM Monday through Thursday,
and 9 AM – 1 PM on Friday except on university holidays. Any changes in the
hours of operation will be posted in the Mathematics Lab.
• You are allowed to do only your MA 113 work while you are in the
Mathematics Lab.
• You must bring your three-ring binder notebook with you to the Mathematics Lab.
Do all of your work in it in an orderly manner.

• Notebook grade will be given at the end of the semester and will count for 5% of
your grade. Your note book will consist of your lecture notes and printed out
notes of the lecture for next week in a hole punched three-ring binder.

• Homework will be assigned for each section of material and will count for 20% of
your grade.
• Homework can be done from anywhere on the computer using the Hawkes
• Due date for each homework assignment will be listed within the Hawkes’
progress report . Homework will never
be accepted late.
• At the end of the semester, the six homework assignments with the lowest
grades will be dropped.


1. Place CD #1 - Installation Disc in the CD-ROM drive.
2. The installation will begin automatically. Follow the on-screen instructions.
3. You will be prompted to enter a HLS Course ID.
- If you have internet access, select "Yes, the HLS Course ID is:" and enter MUWCOL
- If you do not have internet access, select "No, I will not be accessing an online grade book from this

1. Double-click on the purple diamond icon on your Desktop (or go to Start, Programs, Hawkes Learning
2. Enter your Access Code when prompted. You may type it, paste it, or load it from a disk by clicking the
"Load From Disk" option. If you type or paste your Access Code, you will be prompted to save it. Save your
Access Code to avoid typing it each time.

1. If you have internet access and have entered your HLS Course ID (which is MUWCOL), you will be
asked to enroll in your instructor's grade book. Choose your instructor's name and the correct section.
2. If you do not have internet access, you will need to enroll in your instructor's grade book by going to After entering your Access Code, you will be prompted to choose
your instructor's name and the correct section.

1. The Certify option is where you will complete your assignment.
2. After certifying, you will be given a certification code (this verifies that you completed your assignment). It is
recommended that you print and/or save your certification code.
3. a. If you have internet access, you should receive a message that says your certificate for the lesson has
been registered successfully. If you do not receive this message, follow the directions under "b.".
b. If you do not have internet access, you will need to manually submit your certification code on the
internet to get credit for your assignment in your instructor's grade book. To do this,
- Go to and log in using your Access Code.
- Click the Submit Certificate(s) tab option.
- If you saved your certification code to a file, click "Browse" to find your code and click "Submit
Certificate". If you have a paper copy of your certificate, click the "Type or Paste" tab, select the lesson
you have certified in, type in your code and click "Submit Certificate".

* Be sure you submit your Certification Code ON or BEFORE the due date to get
full credit for the assignment.

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