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polynomial poems
Bob needs to drive 592 miles to get to a family reunion. He travels 187 miles the first day. If he averages 52 miles per hour the second day, how long will it take him to reach his destination?
algebra with pizzazz answers objective 4-g is an online bill-paying service that charges $5 per month plus $0.50 per paid bill. thomas used this service for 6 months and paid a total of $48.50. how many bills were paid through during that period
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a rowing team rowed an average of 14.4 mph
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"if five cards are drawn"
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pythagorean identities
kuta software infinite algebra 2
Which of these conditions might be true if polygons ABCD and KLMN are similar?
prentice hall mathematics algebra 1 teacher answer book
Find the difference: -10 – 10.calculator
finding the equation of a circle
rools for polynomial algebra with absolute values
evaluating radical expressions
in amixture of concrete, there are two lb of cement mix for each pound
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algebra game for primary school kids
system of non -homogenous first order linear differential equations
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Solve Complex Fractions Online
Mathematical trivia on travel
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artturo muina is the caption of a charter fishing boat. he is paid
3x3 Simultaneous equations Java program listing
oval equation
algebra with pizzazz direct and partial
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Didin parabola
least common denominator calculator
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decimal tenths grid
is there a difference between evaluating and solving a function?
Algebra 2 Quadratic Applications projectile problems worksheets
An open box is to be made from a 3 ft by 8 ft rectangular piece of sheet metal by cutting out squares of equal size from the four corners and bending up the sides. Find the maximum volume that the box can have.
h wu introduction of integers
how to solve on a TI 83 Plus Q = Q 0 × (1 + r ) t w
how to factor a monomial calculator
mcgraw hill surface area three dimensional worksheey
kyle works at a donut factory where a 10
radical expression index
sylvia has a jewelry collection of bracelets,necklaces,and earrings. she has 16 bracelets. the number of earrings is 2 tumea
free math worksheets for solving equations using proportions for 7th grade students
what are nonlinear equations
find x here it is
completing the square Test/Quiz
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pre-algebra with pizzazz answers
solve for the variable specified v=squareroot^2h;for h
solve linear equations calculator online
In ∆ABC, if a = 8.75 centimeters, c = 4.26 centimeters, and m B = 87°, what is the length of b to two decimal places?
Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions calculator
isolate the variable worksheet
describe how to find a decimal equivalent to a given fraction. how can you check your strategy that it works
show if x,y independent then joint moment generating function factors
middle school math with pizzazz book e
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add like terms webquest 6th grade
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oc 4.1 discrete linear functions and equations
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The volume V of a given mass of gas varies directly as the temperature T and inversely as the pressure P. A measuring device is calibrated to give when and What is the volume on this device when the temperature is and the pressure is
questions on digit problem of linear equations pdf
Offer a real life example of a linear equation. Explain how your equation and graph can be used in personal and/or professional decisions.
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x2+3x-4 no real zeros
Full subtractor using 10s complement
pyramid math solver
If 453 runners out of 620 completed a marathon, what percent of the runners finished the race? (Round percent to the nearest tenth.
a rectangular area adjacent to a river is fenced in
How to solve x+7x/3 equal 60
ithout actually calculating the logarithm, determine what two integers the value of log(1.37×109) falls between
algebra formulas
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newton's method with deflation
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custom tees experienced fixed costs of $500 and variable cost of $3 a shirt, write an equation that can be used
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compatible numbers
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Free Slope-Intercept Form Worksheets
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a straight road to the top of a hill is 2500 feet long
Lagrangean expression how to calculate
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6=2+x/5 fraction does x=4
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solution: -3(x+1)-x/2+3/2<0
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How can we find the root of a 3order equation
A bucket outside has 2 inches of rain in it. It rains steadily for 8 days, adding an inch of rain to the bucket each day. How many inches of rain are in the bucket?
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factoring an equation on ti 89 3x^2+8xy-3y^2 on ti 89
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After solving a radical equation, why is it important to check your answer? How is this done? In what situations would we end up with extraneous solutions? Provide an example for practice.
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What were the total dollar sales of sundaes from the previous question?
Define variables and translate a sentence into an inequality
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a fraction that relates rates
States with Mississippi River Map
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a room with width w, length l, and h,
simplify fraction skill builder
Salim sells fax machines that come in Standard and Enhanced models. The Standard model sells for $325 and the Enhanced model sells for $385. If Salim sold a total of 35 units and took in $12,575
solving second order differential equations using matlab
factoring for dummies
linear equations with variable worksheet for adults
Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
Write these two equations in slope-intercept form (which is the form y=mx+b). What do you notice about the slope and the y-intercept from these two equations?
a calculator that solve the sum and express it in simplest form polynomials
Factorising uneven integers by solving elementary algebraic equations
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you are conducting a survey at a college with 800 students
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Paytrust. com is an online bill-paying service that charges $ 5 per month plus $ 0.50 per paid bill. Thomas used this service for 6 months and paid a total of $ 48.50. How many bills were paid through Paytrust. com during that period?
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bloomingdale purchases imported perfume
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What is the sum of a 17–term arithmetic sequence where the first term is 8 and the last term is –88?
Positive and Negative Fractions Worksheet
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Which combination of transformations can you use to show that one shape is congruent to another?
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states west of the mississippi river
Enter Math Problems for Answers
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What is the difference between solving literal equations (with only variables) and solving multistep equations (with numbers and a variable)?
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a student bought 3 boxes of pencils find the cost of each box
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Twice the smallest of three consecutive odd integers is nine more than the largest
Rearranging Linear Equations
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two factory plants are making tv panels. yesterday, plant a produced panels. three percent of the panels from plant a and of the panels from plant b were defective. how many panels did plant b produce, if the overall percentage of defective panels from the two plants was ?
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Personal Banking Paytrust. com is an online bill-paying service that charges $ 5 per month plus $ 0.50 per paid bill. Thomas used this service for 6 months and paid a total of $ 48.50. How many bills were paid through Paytrust. com during that period?
show the work division calculator
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honors Algebra and trigonometry functions and applications & 10th grade & forester & tets
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Find the probability P(X ≤ 1.23) if X has moment generating function Mx(t)=(1-p+Pe^t)^5
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Define variables and translate the sentence into an inequality
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in september 1998, the population of the country of West Goma in millions was modeled by f(x)=17.7e^.0019x
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In a given training week, a swimmer completes mile on day one, mile on day two, and mile on day three.
sandy purchases an entertainment center on clearance at 65% off that has an opening measuring 42" by 20.5 inches
how to find a function of x
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What equations has the same solution as the equation 2 x + 6 = 32?
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E-Z Stop Fast Gas sold $10,957 worth of gasoline yesterday. Regular grade sold for $2.30 a gallon and premium grade sold for $2.55 a gallon. If the station sold 420 more gallons of regular than of premium, how many gallons of regular were sold?
advanced algebra worksheets
TI 86 Dimension 13 error
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. You want to apply a weed killer to your lawn. The directions on the bottle call formixing 3 ounces of the weed killer with 2 gallons of water. The sprayer you have holds 5 gallons. In order to completely fill the sprayer with a proper mixture, how many ounces of weed killer must you use?
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A banker’s compensation consists of a weekly salary as well as a commission for each account opened. The banker earns commission at a rate of $10/account. In one particular week, the banker opened 15 accounts and brought home a total pay of $830. Which of the following equations describes the pay for the banker in terms of accounts opened? A. y = 10x + 15 B. y = 10x + 680 C. y = 15x + 680 D. y = 15x + 830
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Fee's at New York City's La Guardia airport, one parking garage charges a onetime transportation fee of $2.75 plus $22 for indoor parking per day. How many days has a car been parked at this location if the parking charge is $134.75
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Can you show us an example or two of evaluating a polynomial expression with the correct and incorrect way of doing it? Can you give us an example with not following the "left to right" condition
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eye color is determined by genetic combination
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A map has a scale of 1 cm : 11.5 km. Two cities are 5.5 cm apart on the map. To the nearest tenth of a kilometer, what is the actual distance corresponding to the map distance?
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Put the function \displaystyle y = 3 x^2 + 12 x + 11 in vertex form
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Reconcile this bank statement. Ending Balance: $159.75 Outstanding Deposits: $175.46 Outstanding Checks: $231.69
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A banker’s compensation consists of a weekly salary as well as a commission for each account opened. The banker earns commission at a rate of $10/account. In one particular week, the banker opened 15 accounts and brought home a total pay of $830. Which of the
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the distance between two cities is one hundred miles, and a woman drives from one city to the other at a rate of fifty mph. at what rate must she return if the total travel time is three hours and forty minutes?
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-2x - 2y = -10

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fun activity on reviewing equations with variables on both sides--puzzle, etc...
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answers to kuta software infinite algebra 2 is an online bill paying service that charges $5 per month plus $0.50 per paid bill. Thomas used this service for 6 months and paid a total of $48.50. How many bills were paid through during that period?
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You can approximate e by substituting large values for n into the expression _____. Use the caret (^) to enter exponents.
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alvin paddled for 4 hours with a 6-km/h current to reach a campsite.The return trip against the same current took 10 hours. Find the speed of the boat in still water.
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Type A coffee costs Lena per pound, and type B coffee costs per pound. This month's blend used four times as many pounds of type B coffee as type A, for a total cost of . How many pounds of type A coffee were used?
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Fraction problems and solutions for college
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a dripping faucet wastes a cup of water if it drips for four minutes. the amount of water
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In ∆ABC, AC = 15 centimeters, m B = 68°, and m C = 24°. What is BC to two decimal places?
joe can cut and split a cord of wood
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Company ABC produces widgets. They have found that the cost, c (x), of making x widgets is a quadratic function in terms of x. The company also discovered that it costs $23 to produce 2 widgets, $55 to produce 4 widgets, and $247 to produce 10 widgets. What is the total cost of producing 8 widgets?
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You are interested in purchasing a wide-screen television set at Target. On this type of TV, the ratio of screen width to screen height is 16 to 9. If a certain model you are considering has a screen width of 48 inches, what is the height of the screen (in inches)?
complex rational expression
On a particular day, the wind added 3 miles per hour to Alfonso's rate when he was cycling with the wind and subtracted 3 miles per hour from his rate on his return trip. Alfonso found that in the same amount of time he could cycle 36 miles with the wind, he
solving equations with like terms
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