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An algebraic expression is a number, variable or combination of the two connected by some mathematical operation like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents, and/or roots. 2x + y, a/5, and 10 - r are all examples of algebraic expressions. An equation in the form of a polynomial having a finite number of terms and equated to zero, as 2x3 + 4x2 − x + 7 = 0. 2x + 3 (two times some unknown number plus three) is an expression; it does not prompt you for an answer because it is not a "complete" thought. Since it is not a complete thought, let alone a question, we cannot solve for anything. 2x + 3 = 7 (two times some unknown number plus three is equal to seven), is a sentence (in math it is called an equation) and is a complete thought that is prompting you to answer the question: "What is x?" Now we can solve for the variable because we have been given a "complete" thought. 2x + 3 = 7 2x = 4 x = 2 If you give me 6 dollars, I will have four times more than now.
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