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Find the general solution for the following equation, 􀝔􀬶􀝕􁇱􁇱 􀵅 􀝔􀝕􁇱 􀵅 􁈺􀝔􀬶 􀵆 􀝊􀬶􁈻􀝕 􀵌 0 􀗊􀝔 􀵐 0 when 􀝊 􀵌 􀬵 􀬶. Outline the solution steps for arbitrary integer “n”. To be more specific, I add the following information: Assume you are given one solution with integer “n” as 􀝕􀬵􁈺􀝔􁈻, find the other solution in terms of the given solution.
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