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I was so proud when my son decided to take algebra honors, but I was disheartened when I realized that I could not help him with his homework. I had not taken algebra since high school, and simply did not remember how to complete some of the projects. Algebrator allowed us to go through each step together. Thank you for making a program that allows me to help my son!
David Felton, MT

WOW!!! This is AWESOME!! Love the updated version, it makes things go SMOOTH!!!
Patricia, MI

This program laid the foundation for the most successful step-by-step solution to teaching algebra that Ive ever seen or had the pleasure of implementing inside the classroom. As I mentioned during our previous telephone conversation, when charting the actual results from standardized mathematical comprehension testing of our students, using data from the periods both prior to and just after the implementation of your software, the comparative difference is really obvious.
Malcolm D McKinnon, TX

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