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My grades have improved since I started using the Algebrator. Thanks!
Susan, AZ

You can now forget about being grounded for bad grades in Algebra. With the Algebrator it takes only a few minutes to fully understand and do your homework.
Ken Edwards, WA

Every time I use the Algebrator program, I discover something new and useful, I think this program should be attached to each student computer in the US, especially considering its price.
Warren Mills, CA

WOW!!! I love the upgrade. I just read (via the online help files) about the wizards and really like the way theyre setup. Im currently working on synthetic division in class that particular wizard is GREAT!!! The interface much easier to use than the old version! I love the toolbars entering equations is so easy! The online documentation, in terms of providing help for entering equations, is great. This is actually my second Algebra software purchase. The first program I purchased was a complete disappointment. Entering equations was difficult and the documentation was horrible. I was very happy to find your software and now am ecstatic with the upgrade to Algebra Help. I am a working adult attending college part time in the evenings. The support this product provides me is invaluable and I would highly recommend it to students of any age!
Franklin Bradley, AK

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