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I ordered the software late one night when my daughter was having problems in her honors algebra class. It had been many years since I have had algebra and parts of it made sense but I couldn't quite grasp how to help her. After we ordered your software she was able to see step by step how to solve the problems. Your software definitely saved the day.
Dan Trenton, OK

WE DID IT!! Thanks so much for your help and for being so responsive to our emails! We appreciate your time, patience and help with this download. What AWESOME customer service!!! Thanks.
James Grinols, MN

Algebrator is simply amazing. Who knew that such an inexpensive program would make my sons grades improve so much.
John Davis, TX

I found the Algebrator helpful. I still have a lot to learn about using it. I do believe it was worth the money I paid for it. I have one more math class to take and I am sure I will put the Algebrator to good use then!
David Mogorit, DC

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