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I was really struggling with algebra equations. I am embarrassed to say, but the fact is, I am not good in math. Therefore, I constantly need assistance. Then I came across this software 'Algebrator'. And ,vow !! It has changed my life. I am no more dependent on anyone except on this little piece of software.
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I purchased the Personal Algebra Tutor (PAT). The system is not has functional as I wanted or expected, and there are several problems it will not solve, or certain problems will freeze up the system. The program is OK but there are too many limitations and several technical issues. It took three e-mail from their tech support just to activate the program.
Angela Baxtor, TX

The first time I used this tool I was surprised to see each and every step explained for each equation I entered. No other software I tried comes even close.
S.R., Washington

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