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The most thing that I like about Algebrator software, is that I can save the expressions in a file, so I can save my homework on the computer, and print it for the teacher whenever he asked for it, and it looks much prettier than my hand writing.
Charlotte Beecham, IN

I purchased your software to help my daughter with her algebra homework, the Algebrator software was very easy to understand and it really took a big burden off.
M.V., Texas

This software that will help you get your homework done while also make you learn; its very easy to learn how to enter your own problems.
Joe Johnson, OH

My twins needed help with algebra equations, but I did not have the knowledge to help them. Rather then spending a lot of money on a math tutor, I found a program that does the same thing. My twins are no longer struggling with math. Thank you for creating a product that helps so many people.
John Tusack, MI

This is the program I have been waiting for... it really is speeding up my algebra assignment completions.
Ashley Grayden, MA

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