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I bought "The Algebrator" for my daughter to help her with her 10th Grade Advanced Algebra class. Like most kids, she was getting impatient with the evolution of equations (quadratic in particular) and making mistakes in her arithmetic. I very much like the step-by-step display of your product. I think it got my daughter a better grade in the past semester.
Nancy Callaghan, NJ.

The Algebrator software has made my life much easier. I have always struggled with math my whole life. I could never grasp what the teacher was saying. My algebra tutor suggested I check out your software. After looking at the demo, I purchased it. My grades have gone from a D to B! I owe it all to your software.
Daniel Thompson, CA

Thank you and congratulations for your impressive Algebra program which truly it helped me a lot with my math.
Sally Adair, KS

Just watching my students, one after another, easily grasp these higher mathematical concepts and really, truly understand what they are doing, makes Algebrator worth the price of admission. Furthermore, for the gains, the price is tremendously inexpensive!
D.E., Kentucky

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