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I cannot afford to pay separate tutoring hours for my twins, because there are so many different aspects of Algebra that they don't understand, but all has been taken care of; Algebrator does the job better than any tutors I had hired. Now I can dare to hope that my boys will get into a college.
Dana Boggs, VT

My son used your algebra software during this school year. He felt it provided him additional support that was not always available at school and helped produce an A for both semesters. In addition, he felt that the software was an excellent review for the final exam. Today I am happy to say that I purchased the Algebra Software as a resource for him.
D.D., Arizona

Algebrator is far less expensive then my old math tutor, and much more effective.
Sarah Johnston, WA

The Algebrator could replace teachers, sometime in the future. It is more detailed and more patient than my current math teacher. I, personally, understand algebra better. Thank you for creating it!
Derek Brennan, IL

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