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I really needed help with fractions, the program listed each of the steps, so I was able to get my homework finished in time. Thanks.
Gina Simpson, DE

Thank you so much for your continued help and support. You said you would stick with me until you resolved the problem and you did. I really appreciate your help. I like the program very much and look forward to learning it well. My compliments to your company for having competent tech support personnel that are willing to go above and beyond in resolving software problems.
Leeann Cook, NY

I would like to thank the creator for preparing such a tremendous piece of software. It has made algebra simple by providing expert assistance with fractions and equations.
M.M., South Carolina

So after I make my first million as a world-class architect, I promise to donate ten percent to Algebrator! If you ask me, thats cheap too, because theres just no way Id have even dreamed about being an architect before I started using your math program. Now Im just one year away from graduation and being on my way!
Jennifer, OH.

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