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Thank you very much for your help. This is excellent software and I thank you.
Dan Mathers, MI

I recently came across on the internet and ordered the algebra software for my child. I am happy to report that the visual and hands on approach is just what my child needed to grasp fundamental algebra concepts.
S.L., West Virginia

My son used to hate algebra. Since I have purchased this software, it has surprisingly turned him to an avid math lover. All credit goes to Algebrator.
Alden Lewis, WI

As a user of both Algebrator 2.0 and 3.0 I have to say that the difference is incredible. I found the old Algebrator useful, but it was really difficult to enter more complex expression. With your new WYSIWYG interface that problem has been completely eliminated! It's like Word Equation Editor, just simpler. Also, thank you for not using the new new software as an excuse to jack up the price.
Brian Cook, CO

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