converting mixed fractions into decimals
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From: Sicily

post url Posted: Saturday 30th of Aug 08:35    

Hi everybody out there, I am caught up here with a set of math questions that I find really hard to solve . I am taking Algebra 1 course and need help with converting mixed fractions into decimals. Do you know of any useful math help product? To be honest , I am a little skeptical about how useful these software programs can be but I really don’t know how to solve these problems and felt it is worth a try.
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From: egypt,alexandria

post url Posted: Monday 01st of Sep 11:28    

Hi friend , I was in a similar situation a couple of weeks back and my friend suggested me to have a look at this site, Algebrator was very useful since it offered all the basics that I needed to work out my assignment in Algebra 1. Just have a look at it and let me know if you need further details on Algebrator so that I can offer assistance on Algebrator based on the experience that I currently posses.
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post url Posted: Tuesday 02nd of Sep 14:44    

Oh wow! Nice to see that people adopt Algebrator here as well. I can guarantee the usefulness of this program. It is simply superb.
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You mean it’s that trouble-free ? Terrific . Looks like just the one to end my hunt for a solution to my problems . Where can I get this program? Please do let me know.
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From: Ontario

post url Posted: Wednesday 03rd of Sep 07:28    

I understand, math programs are always limited to mathematical symbols only. But this program has taken problem solving a step further. Visit and experience it for yourself.
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linear algebra, linear inequalities and adding functions were a nightmare for me until I found Algebrator, which is really the best algebra program that I have ever come across. I have used it through several math classes – Algebra 1, Pre Algebra and Pre Algebra. Just typing in the math problem and clicking on Solve, Algebrator generates step-by-step solution to the problem, and my algebra homework would be ready. I really recommend the program.
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