sovle 2nd order differential equations with matlab
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Well there are just two people who can guide me right now , either it has to be some math guru or it has to be the Almighty himself. I’m sick and tired of trying to solve problems on sovle 2nd order differential equations with matlab and some related topics such as logarithms and solving inequalities. I have my finals coming up in a week from now and I don’t know how I’m going to face them? Is there anyone out there who can actually take out some time and help me with my questions? Any sort of help would be highly appreciated .
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Hi! I guess I can give you ideas on how to solve your problem. But for that I need more guidelines. Can you give details about what exactly is the sovle 2nd order differential equations with matlab problem that you have to solve. I am quite good at solving these kind of things. Plus I have this great software Algebrator that I got from a friend which is soooo good at solving math homework. Give me the details and perhaps we can work something out...
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1.Hey mate, you are on the mark about Algebrator! It is absolutely fab! I downloaded it recently from after a friend suggested it to me. Now, all I do is type in the problem assigned by my teacher and click on Solve. Bingo! I get a step-by-step solution to my algebra homework. It’s almost like a tutor is explaining it to you. I have been using it for four months and so far, haven’t come across any homework that Algebrator can’t solve. I have learnt so much from it!
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I just hope this tool isn’t very complex . I am not so good with the computer stuff. Can I get the product description, so I know what it has to offer?
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Thanks pals for all your help. I have got the Algebrator from Just got it set and started using it. Its terrific . The exercise questions can test the real knowledge that we possess on Basic Math. I am really grateful to you all!
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