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Hi friends I ­strongly require some help here. I have a incredible test , and I am really stuck on algebraic trivia. I don’t know how I’m supposed to start. Can you help me out with difference of squares, perfect square trinomial and function composition, I’m not lazy! I just don’t comprehend. My parents have been thinking about getting a nice professor , but they are so expensive . Any assistance would be incredible thanked . Greetings!
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From: Prague, Czech Republic

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I have been in your place a few years ago when I was learning algebraic trivia. What part of slope and syntehtic division poses more difficulties? Because I am sure that what you really need is a good program to help you figure out the basic concepts and methods of solving the exercises. Did you ever use a program like that? I have tried many but I have to say that Algebrator is the best and the easiest to use. It's not like those other programs because it teaches you how to solve, it doesn't just give you the answers .
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From: Omnipresent

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I must agree that Algebrator is a great thing and the best software of this kind you can get . I was amazed when after weeks of anger I simply typed in midpoint of a line and that was the end of my problems with math. It's also so good that you can use the software for any level: I have been using it for several years now, I used it in College Algebra and in Algebra 2 also ! Just try it and see it for yourself!
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From: Ubik

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I am a regular user of Algebrator. It not only helps me get my assignments faster, the detailed explanations provided makes understanding the concepts easier. I suggest using it to help improve problem solving skills.
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