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Hi math wizards! I’m really stuck on best math trivia and would sure desperately need guidance to solve with scientific notation, proportions and syntehtic division. My tests is due soon. I have even thought of hiring a math tutor, but they are not cheap. So any idea would be greatly treasured.
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Can you be a bit more clear about best math trivia ? I may perhaps be able to help if I knew some more . A good quality program can help you solve your problem instead of paying for a math tutor. I have tried many math program and guarantee that Algebrator is the best program that I have come across . This Algebrator will solve any math problem that you enter and it also explains every step of the – you can exactly write it down as your homework assignment. However, this Algebrator should also help you to learn algebra rather than only use it to copy answers.
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Algebrator is a beneficial thing. I have used it a lot. I tried solving the questions myself, at least once before using the software. If I couldn’t solve the question then I used the software to give me the detailed answer . I then used to compare both the answers and correct my errors .
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I am a regular user of Algebrator. It not only helps me get my assignments faster, the detailed explanations offered makes understanding the concepts easier. I advise using it to help improve problem solving skills.
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