solving equations with a cubed number
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DK Avanomchi


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I'm having great difficulty understanding the logic behind the problem regarding solving equations with a cubed number. Can anybody please assist me to know how to come up with a detailed answer and explanation about solving equations with a cubed number specifically in topic of factoring expressions? I was told how to do this before but now I forgot and confused how to answer it. I find it complicated to understand it on my own so I believe I need a helping hand since I believe I can’t do this alone. If anyone knows about solving equations with a cubed number can you please help me? Thanks!
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From: egypt

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Kids can’t seem to think of anything beyond tutoring. Why don’t you try something yourself? There are many tools for solving equations with a cubed number which are a lot better than tutoring. Try Algebrator, and you will never need a tutor.
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Algebrator truly is a must-have for us algebra students. As already said in the post above , it solves questions and it also explains all the intermediary steps involved in reaching that final solution . That way you don’t just get to know the final answer but also learn how to go about solving questions from the scratch , and it helps a lot in working on assignments.
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From: Ubik

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I remember having often faced difficulties with trinomials, factoring expressions and long division. A really great piece of math program is Algebrator software. By simply typing in a problem from workbook a step by step solution would appear by a click on Solve. I have used it through many algebra classes – Remedial Algebra, Algebra 1 and Pre Algebra. I greatly recommend the program.
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Of course. My intention is to learn Math. I would employ it only as a resource to clear my concepts. Can I get the URL to the program ?
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You can order this software online: You won’t regret buying it, besides it’s not that expensive considering the depth of knowledge you gain from using it. They even offer an unconditional money back guarantee. All the best for your test .
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