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To watch my daughter, who just two years ago was so frustrated by algebra, accepting the highest honors in her entire school for her Outstanding Academic Achievement in Mathematics, was no doubt one of the proudest moments of my life. Thank you, Algebrator!
C.K., Delaware

The newest release of your software is tremendous. Besides the GUI I particularly liked the "wizards" that make entry of geometry type problems so much easier. I haven't yet used the more advanced features (function operations etc), but this will become handy once I get into College Algebra.
Jacob Matheson, FL

Look at that. Finally a product that actually does what it claims to do. Its been a breeze preparing my math lessons for class. Its been a big help that now leaves time for other things.
Laura Keller, MD

Thanks so much for the explanation to help solve the problems so I could understand the concept. I appreciate your time and effort.
Lakeysha Smith, OH

Graduating high-school, I was one of the best math students in my class. Entering into college was humbling because suddenly I was barely average. So, my parents helped me pick out Algebrator and, within weeks, I was back again. Your program is not only great for beginners, like my younger brothers in high-school, but it helped me, as a new college student!
Carl J. Oldham, FL

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