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To be honest I was a little skeptical at first about how easy Algebrator would be. But it really is the easiest program to get up and running. I was learning algebra within minutes of downloading the software.
Ashley Grayden, MA

As a user of both Algebrator 2.0 and 3.0 I have to say that the difference is incredible. I found the old Algebrator useful, but it was really difficult to enter more complex expression. With your new WYSIWYG interface that problem has been completely eliminated! It's like Word Equation Editor, just simpler. Also, thank you for not using the new new software as an excuse to jack up the price.
Charles B.,WI

I want to thank you for all you help. Your spport in resolving how do a problem has helped me understand how to do the problems, and actually get the right result. Thanks So Much.
Rick Edmondson, TX

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