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OK here is what I like: much friendlier interface, coverage of functions, trig. better graphing, wizards. However, still no word problems, pre-calc, calc. (Please tell me that you are working on it - who is going to do my homework when I am past College Algebra?!?
Diane Flemming, NV

My teacher recommended Algebrator when I fell behind due to an illness. I caught back up with the class within just a couple of days, and now I use the software to check my answers.
Julieta Cuellar, PN

What a great friendly interface, full of colors, witch make Algebrator software an easy program to work with, and also it's so easy to work on, u don't have to interrupt your thoughts stream every time u need to interact with the program.
K.S., Texas

I liked the detailed, clearly explained step by step process that Algebrator uses. I'm able to go into my class and follow along with the teacher; it's amazing!
Pam Marris, TX

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