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Thanks for making my life a whole lot easier!
Margaret Thomas, NY

No offense, but Ive always thought that math, especially algebra, just pretty much, well, was useless my whole life. Now that I get it, I have a whole new appreciation for its purpose and need in todays technological world! Plus, I can now honestly pursue my dream of being a video game creator and I probably would have realized too late that, without advanced math, you just cant do it!
Mary Jones, NY

As a math teacher, Im always looking for new ways to help my students. Algebrator not only allows me to make proficient lesson plans, it also allows my students to check their answers when I am not available.
Dale Morrisey, Fl

So after I make my first million as a world-class architect, I promise to donate ten percent to Algebrator! If you ask me, thats cheap too, because theres just no way Id have even dreamed about being an architect before I started using your math program. Now Im just one year away from graduation and being on my way!
Tom Walker, CA

Good job! I feel this version is MUCH easier to use than the older version. What I have seen looks like a major step forward to users like me.
Tina Washington, TX

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