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This software has been great at helping me with my fractions. Something, Id struggled with for years. I have asked my parents for help, but they say all the math looks different now than when they were in school. Now, I dont need to ask anymore because the software explains everything.
Britany Burton, CA

I consider this software as replacement of human algebra tutor. That too, at a very affordable price.
Jon Caswell, MI

I purchased your software to help my daughter with her algebra homework, the Algebrator software was very easy to understand and it really took a big burden off.
Melinda Thompson, CO

As a mother who is both a research scientist and a company president (we do early ADME Tox analyses for the drug-discovery industry), I am very concerned about my daughters math education. Your algebra software was tremendously helpful for her. Its patient, full explanations were nearly what one would get with a professional tutor, but far more convenient and, needless to say, less expensive.
Melissa Jordan, WA

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