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Fran Mallory is married, claims five withholding allowances, and earns $3,500 (gross) per month. In addition to Federal income tax (FIT), social security, and Medicare withholding, Fran pays 2.1% state income tax, and ½% for state disability insurance (both based on her gross income), plus an additional $43.11 for life insurance and $72.30 to the credit union. As payroll manager for Fran’s company, calculate her net take-home pay per month. (Points : 3)
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A woman earns 25% more than her neighbor, and together they earn $1012.50 per week. How much does the woman earn per week?
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Spencer Morris works in the telemarketing division for a company that pays a salary of $735 per month plus a commission of 3½% of all sales greater than $15,500. If he sold $45,900 last month, what was his total gross pay? (Points : 2)
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Consider the functions graphed below. Find the equation of the line. Your answer will have b in it.
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