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My twins needed help with algebra equations, but I did not have the knowledge to help them. Rather then spending a lot of money on a math tutor, I found a program that does the same thing. My twins are no longer struggling with math. Thank you for creating a product that helps so many people.
Oscar Peterman, NJ

Algebra problems solving techniques are what you will receive and learn when you use the Algebrator; it is one of the best learning software programs out there.
Patricia, MI

Although I have always been good at math, I use the Algebrator to make sure my algebra homework is correct. I find the software to be very user friendly. Im sure I will be using it when I start college in about one year.
B.C., Malta-EU

I have never understood algebra, which caused me to struggle, and ended up making me hate math. Now that I have Algebrator, math no longer seems like a foreign language to me. I enjoy attending my Math class now!
Jon Maning, NM

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