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variable in exponent
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Registered: 31.05.2003
From: Glendale, AZ

post url Posted: Sunday 12th of Jan 13:06    

Can anyone please advice me? I simply need a speedy way out of my problem with my math. I have this quiz coming up in the next few days. I have a problem with variable in exponent. Hiring a good tutor these days quickly is difficult. Would be thankful for any tips .
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Registered: 07.05.2006
From: egypt

post url Posted: Tuesday 14th of Jan 11:16    

Algebrator is a useful software to solve variable in exponent problems . It gives you step by step solutions along with explanations. I however would warn you not to just paste the solutions from the software. It will not aid you in understanding the subject. Use it as a reference and solve the questions yourself as well.
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Registered: 27.08.2002

post url Posted: Tuesday 14th of Jan 18:25    

Hi there. Algebrator is really fantastic! It’s been weeks since I used this program and it worked like magic! Math problems that I used to spend solving for hours just take me 4-5 minutes to answer now. Just enter the problem in the program and it will take care of the solving and the best thing is that it displays the whole solution so you don’t have to figure out how did it come to that answer.
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Registered: 04.07.2001
From: Victoria City, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

post url Posted: Thursday 16th of Jan 15:12    

Algebrator is the program that I have used through several math classes - Algebra 1, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. It is a truly a great piece of algebra software. I remember of going through difficulties with y-intercept, mixed numbers and solving a triangle. I would simply type in a problem from the workbook , click on Solve – and step by step solution to my algebra homework. I highly recommend the program.
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