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I really like your software. I was struggling with fractions. I had the questions and the answers but couldnt figure how to get from one to other. Your software shows how the problems are solved and that was the answer for me. Thanks.
Billy Hafren, TX

Before using Algebrator, I could barely do long division. Now Im like the best student in my algebra class and I never would have been able to get that result without it! Thank you so much!
C.B., Oklahoma

Be it any equation, within seconds not only you have the answers but also the steps to refer to. This is awesome.
N.J., Colorado

Thank you very much for your help. This is excellent software and I thank you.
Mr. Tom Carol, NY

I just bought your program. I purchased the Personal Algebra Tutor (PAT) and I am really disappointed with it. Reasons: 1) if the computer crashes, you have to email them for a password (where I live, on a mountain with high winds, we get alot of power outages) as well as lightning strikes; 2) they said that the problems could be typed in and a solution would be provided. Half of the math problems I have had, do not work with their program; 3) they say to email them the questions and they will provide the solutions, but it can take up to 24 hours, and sometimes that is too long to wait for an answer. To show proof of my confirmed purchase of the PAT program, I have attached a copy of the receipt that they sent to me.
Alisha Matthews, NC

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