Math 100 Elementary Algebra Exam 2

Show ALL work for credit. Calculators, cell phones, electronic devices, etc. are NOT allowed.

Please write answers in the space provided. Simplify ALL answers . No mixed numbers/decimal
answers unless otherwise specified. Good luck!

1) Evaluate. Do not leave an exponent in your answer .

2) Simplify. You may leave an exponent in your answer .

3) Simplify. Write with positive exponents .

4) Write in decimal notation . Write in scientific notation.

5) Perform the indicated operation. Write answer in scientific notation.

6) Combine .

7) Multiply . Find the degree of the polynomial where indicated.

8) Divide.

9) For FULL CREDIT, you must
1) define the variable
2) SET UP an equation/inequality and
3) SOLVE the problem.
(Start by defining the variable. For instance, “ x= number of pennies ”.)

I. Double the sum of a number and 3 is the same as 12 more than triple the same number. Find
the original number .

Define variable: x= the number

II. Mary has $3.85 in change . She has twice as many nickels as quarters. She has two less dimes
than she has quarters. How many of each coin does she have? (Hint: It is incorrect to add the number
of coins then setting it equal to dollars.)

Define variable: x=


# of nickels = ________

# of dimes = _________

# of quarters = _______

III. Peter and Shelly invested $9000 for one year. Part of it was invested at 12% and the remainder
was invested at 7%. At the end of one year the couple had earned exactly $930 in simple
interest. How much did they invest at each rate?

Define variable: x=

Amt in 12% acct:____________

Amt in 7% acct:_____________

IV. Two cars left Center City and drove to the shore 330 miles away. One car was driven at 80 miles
an hour. The other car was driven at 55 miles an hour. How long did it take each car to make
the trip? (Do not have to define variables.) Use d=rt.

Car 1:______________

Car 2:______________

10) Thelma has a math final exam that counts twice as much as a test. She had 4 tests with grades of 88,
75, 95, and 92. What score does she need to obtain on the final exam to get an average of more than 95
for the course? NOTE: Do NOT solve this problem. Just set up the inequality.

Define variable:


11) Find the circumference of a circle with radius inches. Give the exact answer. (Do NOT

12) True or false. Circle one.

b) The zero polynomial is the only polynomial that has no degree.

*Extra Credit* Do AT MOST 1 of the following. Circle all answers.
I. Find the area of the shaded region below.

II. Today’s fastest modern computers can perform one operation in second. How many
operations can such a computer perform in 1 minute?

III. Divide using Long Division.

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