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The cost of driving a car includes both fixed costs and mileage costs. Assume that it costs $161.30 per month for insurance and car payments and $0.29 per mile for gasoline, oil, and routine maintenance.
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You want to get an oil change every 4,000 miles. How many oil changes do you get in a year driving 1000 miles a month?
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You are interested in purchasing a wide-screen television set at Target. On this type of TV, the ratio of screen width to screen height is 16 to 9. If a certain model you are considering has a screen width of 48 inches, what is the height of the screen (in inches)
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Tina hiked 15 km up a mountain trail. Her return trip along the same trail took 30 minutes less because she was able to increase her speed by 1 km/h. How long did it take her to climb up and down the mountain? Use the table below to help.
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