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What payment should be made on an invoice in the amount of $3,400 dated August 7 if the terms of sale are 3/15, 2/30, n/45 and the bill is paid on August 19
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a cold stone creamery ice cream shop sells sundaes for $3.60 and banana splits $4.25. the shop sells four times as many sundaes as banana splits. if total sales amounted to $3,730 last weekend, how many banana splits were sold?
the book nook makes four times as much revenue on paperback books as on hardback books. if last month's sales totaled $124,300, how much of that money was made on paperbacks?
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Bloomingdale’s purchases imported perfume for $24.30 per ounce. If the store policy is to mark up all merchandise in that department 39% based on selling price, what is the retail selling price of the perfume? (Points : 2)
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Using the scenario from the question above, imagine you are the bookkeeper for Empire. How much money will you send to Mohawk?
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82.25% of the employees at Industrial Mechanics are college graduates. If 254 employees are college graduates, what is the total number of people employed at Industrial Mechanics? Round to the nearest whole number. (Points : 2)
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