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alvin paddled for 4 hours with a 4-km/h current to reach a campsite. the return trip against the same current took 8 hours.
in a given training week a swimmer completes 1/4 mile on day one, 2/5 mile on day two, and 3/7 mile on day three. how many miles does the athlete swim in the given week?
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A vendor has learned that, by pricing pretzels at $1.75, sales will reach 119 pretzels per day. Raising the price to $2.75 will cause the sales to fall to 79 pretzels per day. Let y be the number of pretzels the vendor sells at x dollars each. Write a linear equation that models the number of pretzels sold per day when the price is x dollars each.
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You are moving to a new home and have rented a truck to assist you with the move trailside turck rentals charges $39.95 per day plus $0.68 per mile you will need the truck for 3 days and will travel 460 miles what will the total cost be
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the mall is 3 miles west and 2 miles south of the city center. the park is 4 miles east and 5 miles north of the center. how far is it from the mall to the park to the nearest tenth of a mile?
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Do It Best hardware is offering a 140-piece mechanic's tool set plus a $65 tool chest for $226. What is the cost per tool
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At Telepower Plus, long-distance phone calls to China cost $0.59 for the first minute and $0.25 for each additional minute, plus an additional roaming charge of $2.50 if the total charge of a call to Beijing was $11.84, how many minutes did the call last?
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reg has just purchased a new car. the car had a list price of $22,499, and he was responsible for 7.96% sales tax, a $2,138 vehicle registration fee, and a $262 documentation fee. reg’s financing has an interest rate of 10.27%, compounded monthly, and a duration of three years. if reg makes a monthly payment of $773.89, which of the following was his down payment? round all dollar values to the nearest cent. a. $2,000 b. $2,200 c. $2,500 d. $2,800
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